Sex chats between couples

Or, maybe things have just been a bit underwhelming between the sheets?

When you and your partner become intimate, ultimately great sex is the goal—we get that.

Here’s some great advice from two of our favorite sexperts on how to get there.

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Alignment on some key values and compatibility on certain topics is crucial to an enduring marriage.Money How will money be handled once you are married? What happens if one of you loses a job unexpectedly? What values, ideals, and education do you want them to have? Family What is your anticipation of the involvement of in-laws, siblings, holidays/vacations with extended family? This is remarkably easy to overlook if you marry in your twenties. Support In difficult times we all communicate differently.Being married means you are a team and need to be on the same financial page, as this is a huge, contentious issue for many couples who divorce. But, marriage is supposed to be forever, so at some point this conversation is going to become relevant. My husband likes time alone and I love to talk it out.Or if you were the one to agree to the date, ask what prompted him to choose you to go out with.TIP: According to a recent UK survey published in The Guardian, falling out of love is the single most important reason for divorce.“Couples should definitely discuss fantasies and fetishes,” says Abiola Abrams, sex and relationships guru and creator of Abiola's Passionista Playbook.


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