Sedating drug dating what to talk about

Your dentist will decide which sedation dentistry drug is appropriate for your treatment plan.Being familiar with the different drugs available can also be helpful for you.Anticipation can cause muscle tension, even if it is subconsciously, leading to additional soreness post-treatment.With sedation, apprehension and hypersensitivity to pain is virtually eliminated, thus reducing the likelihood and severity of post-operative discomfort.Non-drowsy antihistamines are generally the best option, as they're less likely to make you feel sleepy.But types that make you feel sleepy may be better if your symptoms affect your sleep.

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This page covers: Types of antihistamines How to take them Side effects Taking them with other medicines, food or alcohol Who can take them – including pregnancy advice How they work There are many types of antihistamine.

They are used to calm patients before childbirth or surgery.

Restlessness in invalids, profound grief in adults, and overexcitement in children can be controlled by medically supervised sedation.

Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) include many types of medications but all act as anticonvulsants.

Many newer AEDs are better tolerated than the older, standard AEDs, although they can still have troublesome side effects.


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