Inbox always show updating folder

Solution # 1 1.) Click the folder icon as shown below to show the Sync Issues Folder 2.) Delete all the logs, messages and info inside these 3 folders (Conflicts, Local Failures and Server Failures). (and by right it should update the server data size as well).

This is to allow to freshly download all the emails from Exchange Server to Email client (outlook). Solution # 2 1.) Right Click on the folder (which you believe that you already archived the folder) then click Properties. Inbox 2.) Click Clear Offline Items and then click OK 3.) Click the Send/Receive Tab 4.) Click Update Folder.

The fix is simple: spread your mail across more folders or subfolders; or archive or delete your mail off the server. Note this is a problem only on older Exchange servers—Microsoft has mostly fixed this on the newest ones.

But also note that even though you may have a newer version of Outlook, the Exchange Server version your company runs behind your Outlook is invisible to you, and it could be quite old and so still subject to this issue.

The problem can occur when there are too many sync issues and conflicts causing the server to not properly sync with the Outlook email client.

After 'archiving', the mailbox still shows FULL and server data size does not decrease.

This problem has also been known to happen if more than one ($Inbox) exists in the mail file. To avoid losing this information, it is important to perform steps 3a - 3c, prior to actually deleting the folders (step 3d ). Move the documents in the $Inbox folder to another folder (for example, Testfolder), 3b. Replace Design, and specifying the template on the server). Confirm that there is now only one ($Inbox) folder.To make deleting remove all labels/folders: , here is what each of the options for the 'When I delete a message' will do: Move it to this folder [Trash] This is the default setting.In Gmail accounts, you can not specify a different folder for Trash.There could be a number of possible issues related to a mailbox not syncing properly when using Outlook 2013. Option: Root folder path, this should just show "Inbox"6. Second Option - Sync groups----------------------------------------------Outlook 2013, perform the following steps:1. Below are some common techniques you can try to resolve these kinds of issues. The mail is being placed into one of them, but it's not the one that the user can open from the mail file outline. Delete the $Inbox and replace design as specified to have only one $Inbox. If the design replace process created more than one, the template is incorrect and must be fixed.


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