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” Chad received his diagnosis after he fell and hit his nose.

The family took him to the hospital to make sure that he didn’t have a concussion, but an MRI revealed something far worse than they imagined.

Daniel, the “Lambo” (because he refers to his body as a Lamborghini) from Jo Jo’s season.

Commonly known as the stupid Canadian, Chad’s best friend, and the guy who used Mussolini as an example of how to upgrade your personality.

, getting dumped TWICE as the number 2 guy as he was about to propose to Andi, then Kaitlyn.

He’s always hated by the men in the house for being fake (#villian) and hated by Andi and Kaitlyn for being unclassy with his comments about them post-show.

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The resulting book '365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy' wasn't just a bestseller, it shone a spotlight on the sex life of couples world wide. It's good for respiration, muscles and bladder control.The cast introductions unfold as follows: Amanda, the chipmunk-voiced mom from Ben H.’s Season, who I can only identify by her collar bones thanks to her addiction to bohemian off-the-shoulder non-shirts.Jubilee, the military chick from Ben H.’s season who made all the other black girls on her season (so, 2 girls) mad when she said she was the blackest of them all; remembered for her chest tattoo, gorgeous body, and horrible social skills.He tried to find somebody that could help him find his way back only a few streets away before he began walking up to houses hoping for an open door.He then came across across a vehicle parked in the victim’s driveway that was of the same make and model that his aunt owns.He also found a door to be unlocked at the back of the house.


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