Gen x dating site

As a 48-year-old, card-carrying member of the group called Generation X—typically defined as those born between 19— I'm sensitive to stereotypes that we're somehow tired and already "over" as we hit midlife.

(Heck, it's not even true for deliciously cranky Janeane; here she is out doing comedy on a MONDAY night to a sold-out house.

It was kind of like "checking your privilege" through abstruse academic jargon.

If "the theory wars" no longer rage, maybe it's because there is no one left to fight them.

described Swedish automaker Saab as "the anti-brand brand." Could it be any wonder that Generation X loved them?

It's not easy for any generation to accept that the zeitgeist has left it behind.

Enter Martin Castillo, Executive Chef of San Francisco’s hotter than hot, Limon.

You can get right to the point and are pretty good at reading someone you meet.

Being 40 and single truly is different than being single in your 20’s and 30’s. The new supper club concept – one exclusively for 40 singles – hopes to help people find true love by combining the efficiency of online with the more natural setting of offline events.

Teaming up with Love Begins At, the new 40 dating site designed for the 40-60 crowd, Chef Castillo will create secret culinary magic for the new “Over the Supper” club launching on Tuesday, October 21.


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