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More on that in DWP 082 Get THE SYSTEM FOR OFF & A FREE 7-DAY DATING COURSE: She claims she doesn’t want to marry him due to money problems – but is that true or is it something else?More on that in DWP 081 Get THE SYSTEM FOR OFF & A FREE 7-DAY DATING COURSE: If you cannot have a woman that is loyal then there is no sense in dating her.*SHE LOWERED HIS INTEREST LEVEL *DON’T TEXT TO SET UP A DATE WITH HER – YOU CAN’T TELL IF SHE’S INTO IT OR NOT *YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SENSE OF URGENCY WHEN ASKING HER OUT WHAT YOU MISSED IN THIS EPISODE by not being a ): *WHEN THEY WANT TO SPLIT THE CHECK THEN FORGET ABOUT ANOTHER DATE!*ALWAYS GET TO A RESTAURANT BY THE 2ND DATE *THE PROPER WAY TO OFFER YOUR ARM TO HER *SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO GIVE HER THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT *PATIENCE IS A STRENGTH QUALITY *IF IT’S INCOMING YOU CAN TAKE A WEEKEND DATE *DON’T GET INTO THE TEXTING HABIT *HE HASN’T MET MOM OR DAD AFTER 10 MONTHS WITH HER – RED FLAG? Please like, share, comment, and listen – we need your help.WHAT YOU GET IN THIS EPISODE (first 15 minutes of the 4/6/16 show): *DON’T BELIEVE THE INTERNET SNAKE OIL SALESMEN *HOW DO YOU KEEP HER IN LOVE?*3 ITEMS – ACTUALLY 3 EXAMPLES OF THE BAD ADVICE OUT THERE!Recent studies – involving tracking participant’s eye-movements as they read dating profiles from and e Harmony have shown that men focus most of their attention on the dating profile photos, rather than on the profile itself.Women, on the other hand, spend more time reading the actual profiles than looking at the pictures.

There can be a million topics included within those parameters, depending on the personalities of the people involved in the relationship.What Doc Love has learned from women he teaches to men in this show that is dedicated to giving you real coaching that can help in your dating both online and offline. Guys, please learn from this and DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME like this guy did. More on that in DWP 085 Get THE SYSTEM FOR OFF & A FREE 7-DAY DATING COURSE: You can’t rush romantic relationships – he did TOO MUCH TOO SOON. She said she didn’t like that he was married when dating her – even though his marriage is for all intents and purposes over – but it’s not the real reason – find out why.5 Dates And He Can’t Figure Her Out…More on that in DWP 086 Get THE SYSTEM FOR He Thinks His Girlfriend Might Cheat On Him Because…She wants to have another woman in their relationship. More on that in DWP 084 Get THE SYSTEM FOR OFF & A FREE 7-DAY DATING COURSE: After 5 dates you should know where you stand – but this guy doesn’t – ugh.When you think about it logically, it’s you are cheating yourself in your quest for Ms. I need your support - no one else but me brings this kind of content to you - please support me and yourself at the same time (your choice of audio, book or PDF)! And when you do, no talk about obligations or bills or anything heavy. Tell her, “Honey, you’re so beautiful, you belong on the cover of Cosmo magazine.” That takes about eight seconds, and she’ll be happy. Check the Thursday newspapers, which will give you a list of the free events coming up on the following weekends.If you get out once a week, you’ll see and do different and new things instead of vegetating in front of the TV.This isn’t terribly surprising; men tend to be visually oriented, while women tend to be intellectually and emotionally oriented in the mate-selection process.


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