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The whole thing is messy, but at least with books we can make it a *little* easier. It’s like regular speed dating, but with books, which is WAY less awkward.The Book Squad (along with fab folks from The Raven and Dusty Bookshelf) recently put on our THIRD Book Club Speed Dating event.Because there are no officers, no social directors, no dues and no budget, we rely on our individual members to volunteer to organize events that others might be interested in.If you’d like to see more events in your area, or more events that reflect your interests, please plan something!

FOX 4 asked to learn more about the woman from her friends and classmates, but received this statement from Christi Vawter, the Director of Communications & Marketing for Alpha Gamma Delta: "Privacy should be granted to any victim of a violent crime.Sometimes your friends are helpful but other times…not so much (looking at you, Friend Who Tried Setting Me Up With Someone Who Hates Cats).“Several researchers have made the critique that that is not the best way to find a partner.We wanted to look at how physical attractiveness ratings change and whether evaluating a person’s photo in a lineup helps or hurts the interaction you’re going to have.” The researchers randomly divided participants into three groups.Imagine this: You’re at Maceli’s downtown, chilling at a table with your book club buds.


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